Whether acquiring or selling a freehold interest or dealing with a lease extension, an RICS Registered Valuer will talk you through the legal process, required qualifications and produce a detailed report advising on the premium. We will also negotiate on your behalf and attend a Tribunal if required.

Commercial Valuations

On offices, shops and light industrial buildings, both leasehold and freehold.

Residential valuations

On flats, maisonettes and houses for a variety of purposes.

Matrimonial and family court valuations

Qualified and expert witness valuation reports in accordance with Court requirements.

Probate valuations

Valuation reports for probate purposes and negotiation with District Valuers when property forms part on an estate.

Inheritance tax and Capital gains tax valuations

Valuation reports on various types of property and tenure, which can be supported if challenged by HMRC.

Portfolio and investment valuations

Valuation reports for individual properties or part of a portfolio.

Retrospective valuations

Retrospective valuations, both commercial and residential, where disputes, litigation or tax assessments require historic values to be determined.

Diminution in value

Detailed valuations determining loss of value resulting from a defect in title, encroachment of land, planning issues, building disputes, rights of way, or neighbourly disputes that could result in an assessment for damages.

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