Residential and Commercial Building Surveys

A building survey (formerly known as a structural survey) is a comprehensive inspection and report upon the structure and fabric of the building and is suitable for all types of property. The report contains technical information on the construction and structure of the building and provides advice on its condition and need for repair.

Building Surveys

Providing the information required to protect your interests when purchasing freehold or leasehold property for occupation or investment purposes.

Specific Defects Inspection

Reporting and advice on building defects in both residential and commercial property including cracking and foundation movement, rising and penetrating damp and leaking roofs.

Schedules of Condition

Written and photographic schedules of condition recording the present condition of buildings and land for a variety of purposes including prior to nearby building work and to limit a tenant’s liability under a lease.

Structural Assessment

Inspections and reports upon the structural integrity of houses and low-rise residential and commercial buildings. Detailing the condition of the superstructure and foundations, walls, floors, roofs and other structural elements. Advice on the severity of any defects and potential consequences if allowed to develop, together with recommendations for remedial works.

Building Maintenance Surveys

Primarily for low-rise residential and commercial property identifying current and future repair and maintenance. From a simple report of findings with general advice for future maintenance and repair, to a detailed five-to-ten-year maintenance programme.

Subsidence, Fire, Flood Damage, Inspections and Reports

Prepared in response to specific insurance related events such as fire and flood damage, vehicle impact or where subsidence of foundations is suspected. The report is of a preliminary nature to identify the extent of the damage and recommendations for remedial works. This will often be a precursor to the preparation of a detailed specification of remedial works.

Insurance reinstatement assessments

A calculation of the rebuilding cost of an individual house or low rise residential or commercial building to enable you to insure the building for the correct amount.

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