Expert Witness

We prepare Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) compliant reports on a wide range of property issues. Appointed either independently by one party or jointly by the parties or the Court, for proceedings in both the County, High Court and Lands Tribunal, as well as for Arbitration and Valuation Tribunals.

Boundary Disputes

Combined with our boundary demarcation service we provide findings on the position of boundaries in the form of an Expert Witness report suitable for litigation purposes. We can also assist the client in resolving the dispute before incurring the expense of Court proceedings.

Building Contract Disputes

We inspect and report upon the adequacy of building works including standards of workmanship and materials, compliance with the Building Regulations, British Standards and other codes of practice and good building practice. We can value works completed and the cost of rectifying defects or incomplete work. We can provide a simple report to assist negotiations to resolve the dispute or a fully detailed Expert Witness report compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules suitable for use in litigation.

Diminution Valuations

An assessment of the possible loss in value of a property may be needed to determine an Award in damages.  We have considerable experience in preparing diminution valuation reports and where appropriate, can liaise and attend meetings with surveyors, solicitors and barristers, including attendance at Court.

Restrictive Covenants

Titles to property can contain restrictive covenants affecting the use or occupation of a building or land, including development. The Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) has power to discharge or modify restrictive covenants if satisfied that the restrictions impeding some reasonable use of the land does not secure any practical benefits of substantial value or advantage to the persons who may be entitled to it. We have experience in providing suitable reports and where appropriate supported by a valuation to assist the Tribunal in reaching its decision, including attendance as an expert witness

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