Property Management

Property Management

Residential Block Management

We have been managing blocks of flats and estates for over 40 years during which time legislation has evolved considerably. Today there is a raft of legislation dealing with landlords and tenants rights as well as significant health and safety issues to be considered. Understanding and applying this in conjunction with individual lease provisions is crucial to successfully and safely managing buildings.

We undertake all aspects of block management to suit our clients’ needs including:

  • Ground rent and service charge collection;
  • Attending to repairs and maintenance;
  • Preparing planned maintenance programmes and expenditure budgets;
  • Preparing specifications/schedules of work where major and/or cyclical repairs and refurbishment are required;
  • Compliance with statutory provisions of consultation with lessees on all appropriate expenditure;
  • Routine and regular inspections;
  • Arranging competitive buildings insurance;
  • Overseeing contractors and costs;
  • Arranging meetings.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build lasting relationships with our clients by providing a personable, responsive and transparent professional service to our freeholders, Residents Management Companies, Right to Manage Companies and leaseholders.

We will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you.

Commercial Management

We have been managing commercial properties for many years working with both freeholders and leaseholders. Understanding lease provisions and service charge requirements is essential to successfully managing commercial property.

We undertake all aspects of commercial property management:

  • Collecting and disbursing rents and VAT where applicable;
  • Collecting Service Charges and preparing expenditure budgets;
  • Undertaking routine inspections and repairs;
  • Overseeing contractors work;
  • Arranging buildings insurance;
  • Dealing with all aspects of health and safety to ensure our clients meet legal requirements.

In conjunction with our building surveyors we will prepare planned maintenance programmes, including where appropriate the preparation of specifications/schedules of work for major and/or cyclical repairs and refurbishment.

We are able to deal with all landlord and tenant matters relating to rent reviews and lease renewals, for which please see our Landlord and Tenant section.

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